Creative Services

A Great !dea provides a diverse list of creative services tailored to fit your needs.

  • Art DirectionGraphic design solutions that innovate and expand your messaging while staying on time and on budget and in line with award-winning standards.
  • Brand & IdentityThis is the signature of any company or service: a powerful impression left on all front-facing materials, ranging from core messaging to iconography, color palette and logo.
  • Brochure DesignA staple of every brand: each printed piece feels natural in flow and engages a reader in message and intention, prompting them to take the next step.
  • Content StrategyThrough recognition of current and intended audiences, provided solutions address the integration of original or user-generated stories, user points of contact (email, social media, earned or paid media) and schedules to deliver original or sourced material reaching targeted individuals.
  • Editorial DesignRecognized by Communication Arts, HOW Magazine, the Pearl Awards and many others, A Great !dea brings you magazines, newsletters or other periodical design that jumps off the page.
  • Hitting 'send' is one of the most effective methods to keep in continuous engagement with your consumers or supporters—whether for marketing or operational needs—and each email is an opportunity to make an impression.
  • Front-End DevelopmentProjects delivered with hands-on work done using any or all of the following technology tools: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Sass (CSS Compiling), PHP and JQuery.
  • Graphic DesignPutting the pixels to the page (web or print), good design represents substantial to problem-solving combined with a passion for the playful.
  • Poster DesignEye-catching clarity of a poster's message creates an impression on people in few moments as they walk by, snap a photo of it on their phones or note the call to action.
  • Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other evolving social media technologies, messages will be positioned in a way that is effective and sustainable.
  • SquarespaceA content management system (CMS) provides many companies with a swift solution to online brand presence with modest customization (via CSS and other tools).
  • StrategyTactical thinking based on industry trends, user metrics and fearless ideation joins sustainable and affordable implementation of content, social and marketing strategies.
  • User ExperienceFrom sketch to sitemap and wireframe to front-end development, your message translated into unique, effective user engagements across platforms and devices.
  • Website DesignIn a brand's digital communications landscape, the website is often the centerpiece, housing support materials, user engagement platforms (such as retail or other interactivity) and at its minimum, an opportunity to make valuable contact.
  • WireframingAs a digital project moves from strategy to more concrete requirements, wireframes work to demonstrate content placement, functionality and user engagement flow to ensure all the pieces fit and the team is all in agreement on the end deliverable.
  • WordpressSites and experiences built with the content management solution (CMS) Wordpress framework (like this one!) ranging from simple modifications to complex custom solutions.