Use Case

Tyler Clementi Foundation

Content Program

As a bullying prevention organization, the Tyler Clementi Foundation provides free resources and awareness building programming across the country. The foundation reached out to A Great !dea to increase their organization’s engagement with supporters and create new opportunities to bring bullying prevention advocates onboard their programming. Through a comprehensive and sustainable social media and email communications strategy, A Great !dea provides art direction, graphic design, copywriting, and front-end development.

"There were things i didn't even know we needed but with our collaboration, I realized that site improvement was more than links, content and navigation."—Sean Kosofsky, Executive Director
  • Content That Expands the Message

    In devising a strategy that speaks to the bullying prevention messaging, A Great !dea looked at some of the most resonant articles and media provided through similar or related organizations. In collaboration with the staff of the foundation, a schedule and desired set of standardized content deliverables was drafted into proposal so that it could meet budget requirements as well as available access to supporters for things like tips and interviews. Tools such as Hootsuite provided opportunity to pre-schedule planned content in cycles. This kept enough of messaging in motion so that it felt natural rather than a typical ebb and flow often found among non-profit organizations. Short, scheduled campaigns provided ways to amplify selective messages (such as the #Day1andU program for colleges or “The Time to End Bullying Is Now” action-provoking campaign).

  • Share This!

    Today’s social media environment requires that content be shareable across diverse platforms. Content tiles, original interviews and infographics are part of scheduled content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to the content strategy, A Great !dea provides the art direction, graphic design, copywriting and social media strategy for these materials.

  • Keeping Contact

    Ensuring that supporters of the organization are given frequent (but not too frequent) touchpoints is the goal of a good email communications strategy. A Great !dea instituted two different and sustainable monthly series of emails which reach the email list at different times and with different purposes. The email programs, such as the Upstander’s Update, become a familiar voice to supporters and in a recent poll of their activity, proved to be an effective mechanism to keep them engaged in the foundation’s activity. In addition, special event emails were added into the queue with targeted initiatives. A Great !dea provides the copywriting (or copyediting), graphic design and front-end development for email communications.